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We are often asked to quote how much a particular job will cost. Due to the many variables in each job, WE DO NOT ESTIMATE JOBS OVER THE PHONE. Since we bill organizing jobs at an hourly rate, we try to estimate the time a job will take during the scheduled consultation.


1.  How long a job will take depends on:

  • The amount of clutter or number of storage locations outside of the current home.

  • The number of boxes of paper to sort and organize (papers require more detailed attention).

  • How well you are able to work with us, make decisions, and purge.

  • Whether we will be packing for a move as we purge and/or unpacking at the new home.

  • Whether we will be building or putting together shelving, bookshelves, organizing tools, etc. at the new location.

  • Your willingness to do suggested homework after we leave.

  • The amount of interruptions you have (phone, email, texting, visitors, kids, etc.)




Estimates are for organizing services only and do not include additional expenses such as mileage, surcharges, supplies, shopping, etc. Final billing may vary from initial estimate or quote based on additional expenses.

*For security reasons when working with male clients alone, we require two organizers scheduled at all times where possible. If two organizers are not available in your area, service options are at the discretion of Get Organized by Key!

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