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How to Organize a brighter work space in your home.

If your like most of us home owners, we don't have enough light in our homes. We use so much light everyday with our phones, televisions and laptops that we minimize the lighten at our spaces. Here are a few ideas to brighten a dark space. Mirrors reflect light and can brighten a space if placed near the light.

  1. Using 6500k lightbulbs is comparable to daylight. If this doesn't work for you, find a softer beautiful white lightbulb around 4100K.

  2. It's recommended to have at least two light sources in your work area. A larger overhead light and task lightening closer to where you are actually working.

  3. Halogen bulbs. It's great for a up close work environment.

  4. Himalayan salt lamps. These are a eco-friendly light source that can help offer the massive amount of blue light and works great even for electronics.

  5. Invest in mood-lifting lights. Many people have a hard time transitioning into winter due to the deduction of sunlight and daylight hours. These effects can be maginifiee in regions with colder temperatures, these types of lighting decreases at least 25% of the effects.

Consider taking a look at Phillips Wake Up-light with sunrise simulations and you can thank you me later.

This particular bulb can be adjusted to various color temperatures that help with your bidys circulation rhythms. Take a spin on their apt to find more exciting ways to add light into your home. Who know that lighting has gotten so fancy. Until next time, make sure you sign up for our newsletters and blog.



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