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WHAT TO EXPECT: When you hire an organizing service, there are some practical things that you should do BEFORE the organizer arrives in order to get the most from each organizing hour. 

1. Please read:

First, please don’t try and organize anything before the organizer comes-that’s why you’re paying us. 

2. If possible, be home for the first initial organizing:

It’s always a good idea to be home for the first cleaning if at all possible. This allows you time to get to know your organizing technician, communicate your expectations and provide any special instructions. It also means that you’ll have the opportunity to inspect the work before they leave to ensure the organizing meets your expectation and the scope of work on the contract.

3. Keep the lines of communication open:

We always want to hear how we’re doing. Your feedback enables us to deliver quality services that meet your unique need and expectations. Never hesitate to call us if there’s anything you’d like to see added to your services for the day. We would also love to hear if you love your organizers of the day. 

4.  Put up your personal and important documents AWAY:

For your safety it’s always a good idea to place your important documents (etc.; example: social security, check books, birth certificates, wills). By placing these away, there won’t be anything mistakenly tossed out.

5. What to expect from the service:

We are there to provide organizing to the problematic areas. We will not dust, clean, vacuum or provide cleaning services. We will DECLUTTER, DISCARD and ORGANIZE. If for any reason we need to remove trash from your home, there will be a $10 per trash bag fee (outside, garage, trash or etc.)

6. Secure valuable:

Please put away any items of great monetary or sentimental value. Items such as jewelry can be inadvertently wiped off a dresser or sucked up in a vacuum.

7. Firearms:


8. Pets:

Although animals are cute, we can’t do a successful job with your pets running loose.

9. Tips:

You may provide tips to the staff, but only by submitting it through the company at the end with the review. This will help us to allocate the funds to the right organizer.

10. Fees:

If for any reason the services are not up to your satisfaction, we allow you to change your plan twice to secure your happiness.  You will have up to 24 hours to make the changes in written by emailing the company your complaint.All material cost is solely on the client and WILL be ordered by us for the appointment date.

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