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  • Custom Closet Consult

    Embark on your closet transformation journey with a personalized in-home consultation. Our seasoned design expert will visit your space, bringing years of expertise directly to your doorstep. During this crucial visit, we'll: • Conduct a meticulous assessment of your existing space • Take precise measurements to maximize every inch of potential storage • Evaluate the architecture and flow of your room Our specialist will analyze: • Natural light sources and electrical layouts • Existing design elements and home aesthetics • Your wardrobe needs and lifestyle requirements This hands-on approach allows us to: • Envision innovative closet solutions tailored to your space • Identify opportunities for custom features that elevate both form and function • Ensure the perfect fit, seamlessly integrating your new closet into your home By the end of our visit, we'll have a comprehensive understanding of: • The ideal closet style for your needs (walk-in, reach-in, armoire, etc.) • Potential customizations to maximize storage and accessibility • How to harmonize your new closet with your home's overall design Let's take this pivotal first step towards creating your dream closet. Schedule your in-home consultation today and unlock the full potential of your space.

  • Pantry Consult

    Experience the first brushstroke of your design transformation with our on-site assessment. One of our seasoned design professionals will visit your space, bringing their expert eye and creative vision to your doorstep. During this pivotal visit, we'll: • Conduct a thorough evaluation of your space, noting its unique characteristics and potential • Discuss your vision in detail, ensuring we capture the essence of your desired outcome • Craft a tailored project timeline, mapping out each phase of your design journey • Compile a comprehensive list of materials and elements needed to bring your vision to life This personalized approach allows us to: • Align our creative strategy with your lifestyle and preferences • Identify innovative solutions that maximize both aesthetics and functionality • Ensure a smooth, efficient design process from concept to completion By the end of our visit, you'll have a clear roadmap for your project, including: • A realistic timeline that respects your schedule • A curated list of necessary supplies and design elements • A deeper understanding of how we'll transform your space Let's take this crucial first step together. Schedule your on-site assessment today and watch as your design dreams begin to materialize before your eyes.

  • Business Interior Design Consult

    Embark on your design journey with our comprehensive consultation. This initial session is the foundation of your space's transformation, where we'll delve into the essence of your vision and lay the groundwork for a stunning redesign. During our time together, we'll explore: • Your aspirations for the space • Your unique design aesthetic • Budget considerations and priorities We'll then conduct a thorough assessment, including: • Precise measurements to maximize spatial potential • Curated paint options that align with your style • Exploration of design directions (Traditional, Modern, Farmhouse, or Simple Elegance) Post-consultation, you have two paths forward: 1. Should you choose to continue with our full design services, the consultation fee will be seamlessly applied to your project total. 2. If you decide to pause or explore other options, you'll receive a detailed summary of our discussion, including tailored suggestions to guide your project. Please note, this option doesn't include a mood board or comprehensive design plan. This consultation fee reflects the value of our expertise, creative insight, and time invested in laying the foundation for your space's transformation. Book your consultation today and take the first step towards realizing your space's full potential.

  • Virtual Consult (closet only)

    Elevate your wardrobe experience with our bespoke virtual closet consultation. From the comfort of your home, we'll reimagine your closet space to create a personalized sanctuary that marries form and function. Our virtual consultation includes: • Digital walkthrough: Guide us through your current closet setup using your smartphone or tablet. • Style assessment: We'll discuss your fashion preferences, lifestyle needs, and organizational challenges. • Space analysis: Our experts will evaluate your closet's dimensions and layout to maximize every inch. • Custom design presentation: We'll create and share a tailored 3D rendering of your optimized closet design. (This is for an extra fee) • Storage solutions: Discover innovative organizing systems that cater to your unique wardrobe. • Color and material selection: Choose finishes that complement your home's aesthetic and your personal style. • Accessory integration: From lighting to mirrors, we'll suggest the perfect finishing touches. • Budget-friendly options: We'll provide solutions that align with your investment goals. • Implementation guidance: Receive expert advice on bringing your new closet design to life, whether you're DIY-ing or hiring professionals. Transform your closet into a curated space that sparks joy every time you dress. Book your virtual consultation today and take the first step towards a more organized, stylish you.

  • Senior Services Consult

    As an interior designer, I would phrase it this way: Embark on a seamless transition with our comprehensive relocation and design service, tailored for your cherished family members. We understand that finding the perfect new home for your loved ones is just the beginning of their next chapter. Our holistic approach ensures a smooth, stress-free move from start to finish. Our bespoke service includes: • Home selection guidance: We collaborate with your family to discover the ideal living space that meets your loved ones' needs and desires. • Move coordination: Let us handle the logistics, from selecting reputable movers to overseeing the entire relocation process. • Expert packing: We treat each item with care, ensuring safe transport of cherished belongings and memories. • Personalized interior design: Once settled, we transform the new space into a warm, functional, and beautiful home that reflects your loved ones' tastes and lifestyle. Schedule a consultation with us today. Together, we'll craft a tailored service package that honors your family's unique needs and ensures your loved ones' new forever home is a true haven from day one. Let us turn this transition into an exciting journey, creating a space where new memories can flourish and comfort reigns supreme.

  • Unpacking & Organizing Evaluation

    Transform the chaos of moving into a seamless transition with our expert unpacking and organizing services. We understand that settling into a new space can be overwhelming, which is why we're here to create order and harmony from the moment you step through your new front door. Our dedicated team offers a comprehensive suite of services to make your new house feel like home: Full-scale unpacking: From a single room to your entire residence, we'll handle it all with care and precision. Mover coordination: We can work alongside your moving team or take charge once they've departed, ensuring a smooth process from start to finish. Tailored organizational solutions: We'll source and implement storage systems that complement your new space and lifestyle. Customized room setups: Create a functional, inviting kitchen and well-stocked pantry Design an efficient home office that inspires productivity Craft organized closets, bathrooms, and children's spaces that simplify daily routines Transform your garage into a well-ordered, multi-functional area Let us handle the details while you focus on embracing your new beginning. With our expertise, your new space will be thoughtfully arranged and ready for you to enjoy from day one.

  • Interior Design Consultation

    Envision your ideal living space, brought to life through bespoke design. Our comprehensive service begins with understanding your unique vision, timeline, and budget. We'll evaluate your home using our time-tested methods, then create a personalized plan that transforms your space. Our process includes: Innovative concept development Strategic space planning Thoughtful lighting design Custom furniture selection and creation Full-scale turnkey interior design From the initial spark of inspiration to the final decorative touch, we'll guide you through each step. Let's collaborate to create a home that's not just beautiful, but perfectly attuned to your lifestyle and needs.

  • Packing, Purging & Labeling Service

    Let Get Organized by Key take the stress out of packing, purging, and labeling before your move. Our proven methods and expertise will ensure a seamless process, allowing you to focus on the excitement of starting a new chapter. Let us handle the details so you can stay organized and stress-free. (2 team members)

  • Declutter & Packing Services Evaluation

    After the consult, we send a one or a team of organizers who are here to help you. We are here to help decrease your stress and make your life easy. We pack, unpack, organize out clean your area. Two staff members will come into your home and decrease all of your stress or worries. (This cost is for a team of one or two people and the cost only covers the service fees, not the supplies)Please fill out this form:

  • Home Organization Consult

    This consultation is for a home closet, kitchen, pantry, garage, bedroom or office areas. Required for all clients prior to service • Assessment of project • Suggestions for organization • Product Recommendation

  • Home Staging Consult

    Home Staging is where a home stager will meet you at your home to access the house condition, recommend improvements, and discuss the best staging strategies to get the home ready for the market and the highest sale. The cost is deducted from the total bill if you choose to work with us. If not, it will be considered the designer time. You will receive a design plan for the rooms of staging, by email and not a design board. We can rent you the furniture for a different rate if you would like to stage the property yourself. We need to see the home in order to place the correct furniture inside the home. (We have to measure the space, if they need curtains, and size out the furniture to accommodate the home) Please fill out this form:

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