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Get Organized by Key! Interior Design Services offers creative and experienced approaches to designing and furnishing homes. Our designers have a natural eye for color and style, as well as certifications in various design aspects such as color palettes, furnishings, flooring, wall coverings, lighting, remodels, and new builds.


Interior Design:

This is the process of planning and design of interior environments. Space planning, interior building, material use, furnishing, and equipment. We ensure all work work complies with building and city codes. We work with home and office design.

​Interior Decorating:

Interior Design Services brings creativity and experience to designing and furnishing a home, whether it is a one-room refresh, an entire home fill & fluff, a complete redesign, new home construction, or professionally designing a short-term.


We offer a variety of home staging and marketing services to work within your budget and staging needs. From décor, to furniture and even furniture rental for short term leasing. Our home staging consultations for those that need guidance but would prefer to stage the property themselves to completely vacant homes that need furniture rentals or recommendations, accessory rental options or simply allow us to stage the property were here to help! 

Whether you're living in a house filled with furnishings or trying to sell a stubborn listing that has been on the market for awhile, we'll show you how to staging your home can increase showings and help you sell faster. 


Live in another city. state or country? Too busy to meet with our staging manager in a house? Curious about having a home staged? Simply provide the measurements of the space, have a phone consultation, photo's of the four corners of the room or rooms you wish to have us access, and we'll provide you with a document of written recommendations to stage the room yourself. 


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